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Workout at our studio or virtually from your home
$0.00 for 7 days
This is a Hybrid trial that we are offering you so you can experience our workouts at our studio (FunkFit in Downtown Gilbert) and/or at home.
We promise you that if you do a minimum of 3 workouts in the 7 days, you will love the results and we can help you continue on after.
Here are some of the things you get:
1. Workouts at FunkFit with some of the best coaches in AZ
1. Virtual Zoom Workouts at home where you will be coached live
2. On Demand WOD Workouts: Do them on your own time
3. Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Education Videos
4. Customized Nutrition Menus
5. Mobility Assessments and Programs
6. Record Progress Photos and Measurements
7. Leaderboards
8. Maxes/PRs
And much more!
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